We leave the visitors of your scare attraction in the dark. Or worse!


Imagine walking through a spooky castle. In the distance you hear the rattling of chains. Without apparent reason, the lantern you received at the entrance starts to flicker, and slowly fades out. As you are staring at the lantern, wondering where the light went, it suddenly flashes brightly, and growling ghosts appear out of nowhere.

Would you feel at ease? We wouldn’t…

Haunted Lantern is the first interactive “safe light’ for scare attractions such as (corn) mazes, ghost trails and other walk trough attractions. The visitors of your scare attraction think that the light provides safety, but it is YOU who decides when and where their light starts doing special effects.

Haunted Lantern has won the ScareCON Anual Recognition (SCAR) Award at ScareCON2017, for the contribution to Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover the Legend of the Skinsnatchers in Alton Towers.

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