The Haunted Lantern system consists of two parts: lamps and transmitters. The lamp (which can be a lantern, but also a flashlight, a headlamp or any other form-factor portable light) receives infrared commands that are sent by the transmitters.

The lamps can be made to flicker (adjustable depth), change/fade intensity, stroboscope/blink and or heartbeat. Devices that are color-capable (such as the lantern; the flashlight and headlamp are only warm white), can also change color or do a rainbow effect. Other effects can be added on requests.

The lamps are controlled through transmitters, which come in different shapes and sizes. The simplest transmitters are programmed to provide only a scene change, other transmitters can perform complex sequences, use trigger events (from e.g. buttons), play audio synchronized to the effects that the lanterns do, all accurately timed from a script. We also have transmitters that are wearable by roving scare actors.

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